Quebec Run Wild Area

LOCATION: Elliotsville, PA
Map and Driving Directions

DIRECTIONS TO TRAILHEAD: MapQuest your way to US 40. Take PA 381 South from US Rt 40 at Farmington. At Elliotsville, 381 will turn Left, BUT you will make a "dogleg" Right onto Wharton Furnace Rd (SR 2003), and an immediate Left onto Quebec Rd (SR 2004). Eventually, this road will turn into Twp 345/Quebec Road. (There may be a stop sign, but you will go straight across onto Quebec Rd.) Follow Quebec Rd and it will turn into dirt. The Grist Mill trail will be on your left, and then you will cross a small bridge. Park after the bridge on your left (small parking lot). Mill Run trail enters this lot on the right side as you pull in.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Riding at Quebec Run Wild Area feels like you are in middle of nowhere. The narrow single-track lined with lush green vegetation make this one of the best places to ride in PA. The terrain can be rocky and technical and other times fast with great flow. The climbs are challenging but the downhill reward worth it. This ride is best suited to those with good technical skills and good aerobic fitness. Even advanced level riders usually feel that the 18 mile loop described below is plenty for one day. However if you complete that loop and want more you can explore two newer trails, Long Run Trail and Whitetail Trail.

CONTACT INFO: John Nicholson,

TRAIL MAP: Quebec Run

Start at the parking lot at the northeast corner of the trail system where Mill Run and Grist Mill start.
Go south on Grist Mill Trail and turn onto Mill Run Trail.
Take Mill Run to Tebolt Trail. Follow Tebolt to Hess, making a right on Hess.
When you come to Brocker I would either do an out and back on Brocker or take Brocker out and West back to Hess.
At the end of Hess go straight across a dirt road onto Miller Trail.
Follow Miller to Mill Run. Make a left on Mill Run back to your car.
This will be about 18 miles of rugged, rocky backwoods fun and it is all singletrack.