Road Bike Rides


Standard Windber Loop (17 mi.)

This ride starts and finishes at City Cycle in Johnstown. A favorite of many local riders for a quick evening ride. Minimal traffic once you clear the immediate vicinity of city cycle and wal-mart. One moderate hill out of Windber makes this one of the flatter rides around. The roads north of Elton (Helsel, Fifty Acre, Naugle) can be optionally added in for variety or extra distance.

Mount Davis Century (~100 mi.)

As ridden in 2007 with the start/finish at the Church Picnic Grove, which is only for use by reservation. As an alternate, there are several pull-offs nearby on Rt.985 or you can add a few more miles by starting in Greenhouse Park in Benscreek. A beautiful route with minimal traffic - there are a total of two stoplights over the entire route. Yes, there is plenty of climbing, but the last 25 miles may be some of the easiest miles in Somerset county. If riding unsupported, be sure to stock up with fluids in Meyersdale as there are no services at the Mt. Davis summit.

Y-Tri Derivative (26 mi.)

This is an expansion of the traditional YMCA triathlon bike route. Note that Routes 403 and 56 are high traffic, but do have generous shoulders. This route adds a small climb into Armagh and a great decent into Seward to the triathlon loop (which uses Rt. 711). The flattest ride you will typically see as a LHORBA group ride and a great route for those that like to power the flats.

Three Climbs (26 mi.)

This ride also starts at the Johnstown YMCA and is a similar distance to the ride above, but is anything but flat! This ride includes some of the best local climbs - the three major climb lengths are approx. 2.8, 2.1 and 1.3 miles. Once out of downtown, the roads are very low traffic. This ride has rewarding climbs, great views, and an amazing finish.

Forest Hills Frolic (18 mi.)

A brief ride through the back roads of Salix, Dunlo, Beaverdale, and Sidman, usually with little to no traffic. Plenty of hills to give you a great workout, but nice views along the way, particularly on Frankstown Road near the Forest Hills Middle School.

Additional rides can be found on Strava and Ride with GPS